We Are Live! The Micro10 Podcast has officially launched

Your first two episodes

We Are Live! The Micro10 Podcast has officially launched.

Every Monday, we’ll provide you with quick insights and stories from SMB practitioners. We have some wonderful guests lined up for you.

To celebrate our launch, today we’re sharing not one, but two episodes with you.

Episode 1: John Wilson on how you should think about SMB seller psychology & designing an exit for an SMB Seller.

John Wilson, owner of The Wilson Companies, a private investment firm that invests in durable service companies and value-add real estate, provides a lesson in deeply understanding the mindset of a seller in order to construct a sale that closes.

Episode 2: Rich Jordan on military leadership lessons for operating an SMB.

Rich Jordan of Strongpoint Capital Management, an investment firm that invests in alternative assets including SMBs and multifamily real estate, provides leadership lesson in the military and applied to running his portfolio of SMBs.

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